Who We Serve

At Step By Step Financial, we specialize in assisting couples approaching retirement. Building a robust retirement plan presents unique opportunities and challenges. Our mission is to help you organize and simplify your retirement strategy, ensuring a secure and fulfilling future together.


John and Sara Moore are a typical couple we help at Step By Step Financial. They have been married for 35 years and have built successful careers. John, a respected veterinarian, loves helping people and animals. Sara, a dedicated nurse, adjusted her work schedule while they raised their children.

The Moores are very involved in their community. They volunteer with their three children monthly at a local soup kitchen and food bank. They also attend church regularly and giving back to their church and local community is very important to them. Helping others is a significant part of their family's values.

John and Sara are very patriotic. They host their family's annual Fourth of July party and have a lit-up flag flying in their yard every day of the year. They are more conservative politically and financially than most of their friends and are careful about not taking too much risk with their investments. They are also frugal and want to be good stewards of their resources.

Having worked hard and saved for retirement, John and Sara need help figuring out how to protect their financial future. They are concerned about how to start taking money out of their retirement accounts and when to start drawing on Social Security. They worry about outliving their money and knowing how much they will have to live on each month in retirement. They want to organize their finances to match their values and goals.

At Step By Step Financial, we specialize in helping couples like John and Sara make sense of their retirement plans and ensure their financial future is secure.


  • Longevity Risk: Couples worry about outliving their savings and want to ensure their retirement funds will last throughout their lifetimes.

  • Optimal Social Security Timing: A key concern is determining the best time to start receiving Social Security benefits to maximize lifetime income.

  • Healthcare Expenses: The potential cost of healthcare, including Medicare, supplemental insurance, and long-term care, is a significant worry. Couples seek to understand and plan for these expenses.

  • Investment Strategies: Couples are concerned about investing their retirement savings to balance growth and safety, reducing risk while ensuring adequate returns.

  • 401(k) Rollovers: Many couples find it important to understand how to roll over 401(k) plans into IRAs without incurring unnecessary taxes or penalties.

  • Monthly Income Distribution: Couples often worry about how to withdraw money from their retirement accounts each month without paying too much in taxes. They want strategies to ensure their withdrawals are both sustainable and tax-efficient.

  • Tax Planning: Effective tax planning in retirement is essential. Couples are interested in strategies to minimize their tax burden, such as Roth conversions, charitable giving, and managing required minimum distributions (RMDs).

  • Charitable Contributions: Many couples value supporting their church and other charities in a financially sustainable and tax-efficient way.

Providing Optimum Value for Our Clients

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients through the following strategies:

  • Proactive Investment, Tax, and Planning Strategies: We stay ahead of the curve to maximize your financial potential.
  • Balanced Long-term Growth and Financial Security: We ensure your portfolio is designed for sustainable growth and stability.
  • Designing and Living Your Legacy: We help you create a meaningful legacy for today and tomorrow.
  • Incorporating Charitable Giving: We integrate philanthropic goals into your financial plan.

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